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Avoid Fast-Fashion in 5 easy and affordable steps.

It's becoming more readily recognised that fast fashion is contributing to global warming and environmental damage. Here at Purple Revolver we urge you to think about upcycling, visiting charity shops and a fun way to cut back on buying too much - borrowing clothes from friends. Since fast-fashion has become recognised as one of the biggest contributors to pollution on the planet, here's some top tips we can use to work towards avoiding it. Here’s our advice for sustainable alternatives: Educate yourself The best way to avoid buying into fast fashion is to understand why it’s harmful. Research how the biggest clothing companies produce their products and how that affects the environment and the employees. Borrow clothes from friends This is a great and fun tip - who doesn't like having the compliment from a friend that their wardrobe is desirable. You can save some money too. Instead of buying new clothes for every occasion, asking friends to borrow an outfit of theirs would keep you from contributing to mass production of toxicated fabrics. Just remember to give it back! ;) Charity shops Definitely one of the best ethical and environmentally friendly ways to shop. You’re not just saving the planet from unwanted clothes going to landfill, you’re also supporting a good cause. You’d be surprised what you could find. If you like online shopping, there is an app/website called Thrift+ which is a bunch of charity shops under one website. Upcycle and recycle Instead of throwing away clothes you don’t wear anymore, try to change their style to give them a new purpose. You could also give your clothes to your favourite charity or sell them on Depop. Ethical Shops Pick shops that make sustainable clothing a priority. This means avoid shopping at Primark, H&M, New Look etc. Or you could sign one of the online petitions to make these clothing brands make changes. On a recent visit to Primark we noticed more signs that they're improving their ethical focus. So you can make a difference!

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