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Well, it's been a while since I had the courage to write out and share my thoughts with the public.

If you're like me and you self-sabotage by procrastinating your life away, I hope this post can inspire you to start small and change little things in your daily routine, which can lead to big changes.

I've been consumed by the fear of 'not being good enough' and being judged by my critics, giving them more to talk about.

Letting procrastination and fear get the best of me had such a bad affect on my mental health that I couldn't even think about what bought me true joy.

Recently, I started listening to some thought provoking podcasts, had FaceTime calls with my mentor and finished a book called 'Get Over Your Damn Self'. All of which made me start developing new habits and make small changes to my daily routines.

I realised the reason why I let fear get the best of me is because I tried so hard to accomplish everything at once and it led me to believe I was doomed to fail if any small inconvenience occurred. That's why starting small and following a step by step plan is so important.

I might not be anywhere near my self-set goals yet but I'm sure as hell a lot closer than I've ever been in the last year.

I finally feel like I'm on the right path and I'm writing this post to hold myself accountable and carry on working on myself so that each day brings me closer to my goals.

So if you're feeling stuck and anxious like me I challenge you to start by starting small like changing your morning routine.

Starting small leads to big impacts.

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